Always the Writer, Never the Bride

BIOHAZARDRY Deep Water Running

Like many people who love to write, I have always written. My first real experience of writing for others to read was my high school newspaper…

Wait, he’s starting with high school? Doesn’t he know we don’t really mean biography when we say biography? And shouldn’t this be in third person?

…where I was eventually removed and exiled to wood shop. In college I wrote for the school newspaper, once or twice, but wrote for a campus underground paper several times. I also wrote audio scripts and skits for the college recruiting department.

Skits? Really? An entire paragraph and we are still in college.

After college my creative writing output was all poetry…

Please, please, please tell me he didn’t just use the “P” word. If he quotes one of his poems here I’m giving up, I’ll stop reading I swear.

…while professionally I was writing press releases, corporate communications, and grant proposals.


When I started running out of ways to beg for money in writing I decided to attend graduate school and earn a MFA in fiction.

ALERT! ALERT! MFA graduate here. I thought MFA grads were supposed to come with a warning in red at the top of the page. Because he lived through two years of workshop feedback he probably thinks the world owes him readers now. Give me a dime and I can buy 12 MFA grads.

As a result I ended up writing even more press releases and corporate communications than I had prior to receiving my MFA. This time I added marketing and advertising copy to the mix. Fortunately, I also had an opportunity to write for several trade journals in the coffee industry.

Fortunately? Trade Journals?, the most widely read coffee publication in the world, has published three of my short stories, Slinger, The Harkening, and Tale of the Dark Roast., a very popular website for hardcore coffee enthusiasts, published a fictional remembrance that turned out to be non-fiction, Remembering Coffee Kids.

Ah, we see a little of the PR flack there. “IN THE WORLD!!”

Just between you and me, I am also the creator of Fabled Obituaries .

I live near Atlanta, Georgia, with my family.



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